Community Miles

Boost your Circle Community.

Supercharge your community experience on Circle.
Boost member participation, get more insights, and create better engagement, all from a simple dashboard.

Boost Member Participation

Reward your most active members for their contributions to your community with points, rare badges, and other credentials that can be displayed proudly on their profiles, and on a leaderboard of top-contributors that updates in real-time.

Get More Insights

Stay up to date with your community engagement metrics in a single, clean dashboard on your Admin backend. Discover trends and unpack your community activities to plan and create better experiences for your members.

Create Better Engagement

Incentivize all your members to actively participate in your community activities with transparent rewards and credentials. Create milestone rewards for the most active members to recognize their contributions and encourage newer members to stay active.

How does it work?

Reward active members

Grant points to members for new posts, replies, and other community activity. 100% customizable!

Badges and credentials

Award your most active contributors with rare badges that they can proudly display on a leaderboard.

Real-time dashboard

A single, real-time dashboard for all your metrics so you can design your community activities better.

Get this today for your Circle Community.

Get more out of your community on Circle. With better insights and member engagement, Community Miles helps you supercharge your community experience.

  • Boost member participation

  • Get more insights

  • Create better engagement

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